Laura Carr

San Diego Counseling Therapist

I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2001. I have extensive experience working with individuals, adolescents, couples and families who desire to enrich their lives through the personal relationships they have with themselves and others.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength to reach out when you are struggling. To be human is to understand that in life “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Sadly, most people experience suffering too often in their lives. This suffering takes many forms such as anxiety, depression, addictions, low self esteem (aka self-hate), lack of self care, feeling easily overwhelmed, emotional detachment from others and primarily a disconnection with oneself.

Individuals have a multilayered, often rigid, belief system and are commonly unaware of how these beliefs shape their world. Beliefs directly influence one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In our sessions, you will learn how to practice awareness (being awake/conscious) of your internal experience. As we explore your life experiences, we will uncover your disabling beliefs, and you will learn the skills necessary to bring about the changes you desire. These skills will allow you to deal with the painful experiences that naturally occur in life while being able let go of the maladaptive behaviors that lead to suffering.

What you learn about yourself in therapy directly impacts your relationships. In couples sessions, I use the visual of turning the microscope on yourself so each partner becomes 100% responsible for their own role. We are co-creators of our relationships, and the relationship can only be as healthy as each of its parts. In the couples’ therapy each person will learn about his or her own individual dynamics and how it impacts the relationship. Couples will learn specific techniques that allow for resolution and intimacy. Our choices will either bring us closer together or push us farther apart.

I have been married to the love of my life, Daniel Carr, since 1999 and we have 2 amazing sons, Alexandre and Julien. Parenting has brought a myriad of emotions to my life that I never imagined; deep joy, complete frustration, awe, laughter, tears, exasperation, exhilaration and, overall, many opportunities for growth. When time allows, I enjoy travel, listening to uplifting music, reading, watching movies, exercise and spending time with dear friends.