Our Philosophy and Approach

Compassion Based Awareness Therapy

Collectively Laura Carr and Daniel Carr have been practicing therapy for over 30 years. They have been married since 1999 and have two loveable and energetic sons as well as a noisy Westie. Individually, and as a couple, Laura and Dan utilize personal therapy as they move along life’s path. They used it individually before they met, then in couple’s counseling, beginning in the early stages of dating, and now as they are met with the dramatic impact that children and parenting have on the relationship. They have been working together professionally for over seven years. Both Dan and Laura are AAMFT Approved Supervisors and provide clinical training and supervision to pre-licensed therapists.

Throughout the years they have been asked repeatedly, “What is your theory?” Over time that answer has become more difficult to answer. Eventually they realized that based on their years of training and practice, personal therapy and spiritual growth, they had integrated a variety of these ideas into their more traditional psychological principles. From that realization, a new theory and philosophy was born: Compassion Based Awareness Therapy (CBAT).

From Laura & Dan ~

CBAT is rooted in the belief that we are all inherently loveable and valuable. During childhood and the process of socialization we develop a belief that something is wrong with us. This is largely due to the often unintended impact caused by all facets of our upbringing – parents, siblings, extended family, religion/church, school, peers, social media, teachers, neighbors, etc. Though this impact is often unintended, this belief can be subtle and mildly impactful or incredibly strong and debilitating to our lives. Through CBAT, we identify any harmful belief systems created during childhood that are presently impacting clients’ lives in a destructive manner. As we see it, these belief systems are at the root of every “problem.” These ingrained beliefs impact our thoughts and feelings and are directly related to our behavior and the choices we make. By looking at these beliefs we are creating awareness and enabling the client to become conscious of the psychological underpinnings driving his or her life.

Compassion envelops this entire process. We teach clients a language of compassion that they can bring to their awareness. Compassion heals all things! CBAT teaches clients to do their own work and bring compassion to their own self, so they can then take charge of their own healing process and happiness. Personally and professionally, we have seen the power of compassion and consciousness. With practice, clients become skillful and feel empowered to make more loving, useful and productive choices in their life. We call this being “at choice.” From choice comes freedom; freedom from any “problem” you may have. We look forward to walking with you along this journey.

Take a look at the language you will hear while working with us at CFMR: CBAT Glossary of Terms