Breawna Lane

Originally from the Bay Area I moved to San Diego for school and decided to stay. I have experience working with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. Being in relationship is unavoidable and the biggest component of life. Consequently, it also becomes the most complicated part of life. I thrive being able to help clients stand in the uncomfortability of conflict and work towards resolve either in relation to others or in relation to themselves.

I have experience working with personality disorders, addictions, grief and loss, and my area of specialization is human sexuality. I am passionate about healthy sexuality and exploring what this means for each person individually whether single or in relationship. Having a healthy relationship to human sexuality allows the full expression of love, safety, passion, connection, and fulfillment. With this comes working through the common barriers that enable people from experiencing and expressing healthy sexuality such as; sex addiction, porn addiction, infidelity, sexual trauma, negative beliefs about sexuality, gender/identity issues, and sexual orientation.