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Terms of Use

The entirety of this statement, from the beginning of this paragraph through the end of the section titled “Our partnerships, associations, and affiliations” constitute the terms of use of this web site.  By visiting our web site, you agree to these terms of use and assume all associated risks, foreseen or unforeseen.  Furthermore, you agree that should any part of these terms of use be deemed illegal or unenforceable under current San Diego County, California state and/or United States federal law, you remain bound by the full remainder of the terms of use.

About Center for Mindful Relationships

Center for Mindful Relationships (further referred to as CFMR), founded 2012, is a non-profit organization, dedicated to meeting the counseling needs of the San Diego and California community.  All of our therapists are highly trained Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Interns and/or Marriage & Family Therapist Trainees working under the direct supervision of a licensed therapist.


We are not responsible for errors, omissions, changes due to security breaches, or any third-party content on our site. Business hours and class schedules are subject to change without notice. Our links to, and details of how one can donate to Center for Mindful Relationships, are presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation for donations. Donating to Center for Mindful Relationships will not in any direct way affect the information available to you on our web site, or the products and services available to you through CFMR. You assume all risks involved with email (see “Email privacy and practices” below), including the possibility of interception, when sending us electronic correspondence.

Privacy Policy

We at Center for Mindful Relationships understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality to visitors to our web site. We never compile information about our web site visitors into a mailing list or sell such information to any third party…ever! The following sections detail how information about visitors is gathered and used, and describes some of the limitations to confidentiality inherent to using the internet.


You have a fundamental right to confidentiality when contacting us regarding therapy services.  Visiting a website is not by nature a confidential act.  While we do not keep personally identifiable information about our website visitors except in aggregate form (please see “Use of personal information” below for more details), you are solely responsible for the protection of your browsing history.  This is particularly important on computers with multiple users.  For your protection, if you prefer others not know of your visit to our site, we recommend clearing your browser’s history and cache, and fully exiting your browser application, when you are finished visiting our site.

Email Privacy and Practices

We never send unsolicited email, or sell or give away client or visitor email addresses.  Ever.  Use of email, including through our Contact Form that is part of the web site, is not confidential; by sending us an email and/or asking us to respond to you via email, you acknowledge and accept any and all associated risks, including but not limited to the risk of email interception that occurs on the internet.  This also applies if a client signs up for any email notifications or newsletter subscriptions. Our server is not an SSL-encrypted secure server.  While we believe the risk of email interception is quite minimal, it does exist.  The safest way to contact us in a manner that will protect your confidentiality is by telephone, at (619) 354-1005.

Links and forms on our website that prepare and/or send email are provided solely as a means of initially contacting the agency.  Your communications with the agency via email, including responses from us via email if you have so allowed, do not constitute a therapeutic relationship.  Such a relationship is not commenced until you have made a formal appointment for therapy, been assigned a therapist, and completed and signed a treatment contract.


“Cookies” are small pieces of data, stored on your computer, that allow a web site to keep track of who you are as you and others click through the site.  Cookies are what allow web sites to have shopping carts, personalized preferences, and other information tailored to you.  Our web site makes use of cookies in the following ways:

  1. Our web server uses cookies to collect aggregate information about our visitors.  This information includes visitor operating system, browser type, referring site, page hits, and other associated technical information.
  2. When you click on an Amazon ad (or other partner/associate ads), their server records that we were the referral source for your visit to them. Amazon uses this information to provide CFMR a small commission when you click through from our site to theirs and then make a purchase.
  3. If you accessed our site through one of our ads on Google, that company uses cookies to track which ads brought you to our site and whether you ultimately choose to contact us online.  This information is stored and presented to us in aggregate form to determine the usefulness of our advertising, and cannot be used to track individual users.
  4. If you choose to donate to us or otherwise use our online shopping cart, cookies are used to ensure your order is not confused with other orders.
  5. Put simply, we do not use cookies to collect personal information on our site visitors.


Use of personal information

We do not store, collect, compile or sell any personally identifiable information about visitors to our web site.  Our web site uses cookies as noted above; however, this information is collected in aggregate. We cannot identify any single visitor to our site with the limited amount of information our servers or our partners’ servers collect.

Our partnerships, affiliations, and associations

Center for Mindful Relationships actively seeks partnerships, affiliations and associations that will be beneficial to our organization. These may be represented by advertisements or other external links on our web site.  It is your responsibility to inform yourself regarding the privacy policies of any external sites you choose to visit, as they will likely differ from ours.

We are an associate. This association is represented by links throughout our site, particularly within our book club.’s privacy policy may be viewed at  Additionally, the “Amazon recommends” advertisements seen on some of our pages have a direct link to the privacy policy associated with that particular service.

We use Paypal payment processing services for online donations. Visit to view their privacy statement.

Donating to CFMR online

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible. The information presented on our web site in regard to donations should NOT be construed as a solicitation for donations in any jurisdiction in which we are unable to solicit for and receive such donations.